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Q1: Why does SourceLink always ask me if I want to link files after I create a new record?
A1: This is the default setting of SourceLink, however you can disable this feature by:
  • Clicking on the “Option” menu at the top of SourceLink
  • Click on “Configuration” within the “Option” menu
  • Uncheck “Always prompt at Save” within the Configuration window
  • Click the [Apply] button
Q2: Why is SourceLink always on top of all my other programs?
A2: This is a default setting of SourceLink, which keeps SourceLink on top of your other windows so it won’t be hidden by them. To disable this setting:
  • Clicking on the "Option" menu at the top of SourceLink
  • Click on "Configuration" within the "Option" menu
  • Uncheck "Always on top" within the Configuration window
  • Click the [Apply] button
Q3: What do other accounting professionals use SourceLink for?
A3: With the support for a multitude of QuickBooks records, the accounting professionals are using it in many cases. Here are a few examples:
  • Keep track of written agreements or contracts by associating them to a customer in QuickBooks
  • Look up Vendor Invoices and also find its associated Bill
  • Scan a customer refund check into their computer and associate it with a credit memo
  • Group together all related documents regarding an Invoice such as a customer's purchase order or a vendor's bill with the invoice for easy access.
  • Retrieve from a Journal Entry the accounting information, employee information or even vendor information directly.
  • Use sticky notes to communicate among multiple QuickBooks users.
  • Etc...
Q4: Will SourceLink change my QuickBooks data?
A4: No, SourceLink creates and maintains the unique link between your entered QuickBooks data or your document.
Q5: Will SourceLink affect the size of my QB data file?
A5: SourceLink will NOT affect the size of the QB data file, because SourceLink does not make copies of the source files. The user will only add about 30 bytes for each link. So even with 1,000 linked files, SourceLink only adds 30KB to the QB data file.
Q6: How many QuickBooks record types can I attach documents to?
A6: You can attach documents to 25 different QuickBooks record types. Also you can use SourceLink's electronic sticky notes ("MyNote") on all those records.

Please see Complete list of supported lists and transactions

Q7: What type of scanner do you recommend?
A7: It depends on your individual needs. If you will be doing lots of scanning, we recommend a scanner with an automatic document feeder (autofeeder). List of Compatible Scanners
Q8: What if I want to scan in everything at once?
A8: They can always do a batch scan (scan in everything at once) and then attach the images to documents at a later point.
Q9: What if I have a lot of "back filing" (past documents that need processing)?
A9: You can link source to existing documents the same way you would with new transactions.
Q10: Will SourceLink support multiple versions of QuickBooks running at same time?
A10: SourceLink supports one QuickBooks version running at one time.
Q11: What if a computer hard-drive crashes or I’m upgrading to a new computer?
A11:You will always be able to upgrade to a new computer as long as SourceLink is uninstalled from the previous system. In the case of hard drive crash and you didn't have a chance to uninstall SourceLink, we have to reissue a new CD Key. The fee is $59 per user license for Workstation and Server version.
Q12: Should I wait until upgrading to a newer version of QuickBooks before installing SourceLink?
A12: You can start using SourceLink right away before and after upgrading to a newer version of QuickBooks. SourceLink will show up on your upgraded QuickBooks automatically. When you upgrade to a different year version, SourceLink will ask you to allow access the first time only.
Q13: Can I have a longer trial?
A13: The company policy is 10 trials. Every time a company is opened, that counts as one trial. That means if only one company is being for the day, one trial would last the entire day. They can also download the install file on other computers, and would have more trials.
Q14: Since Intuit/QuickBooks's 16bit code would never run on 64 bit operating system, will SourceLink run on the Windows 64bit operating system?
A14: SourceLink does not depend on the QuickBooks 16bit binaries, therefore, SourceLink also runs on the Windows 64bit operating system.

Q1: How does licensing work?
A1: Licensing for SourceLink is one license per computer. Once SourceLink is installed on a workstation, it will work with all versions of QuickBooks on that computer and any number of companies.
Q2: I have purchased the SourceLink Download, where should I save the file?
A2: You need to download SourceLink on to the computer that you want to use the program. Each CDKey(s) you are given can only be used once, it cannot be used again to install SourceLink on this or any other computer.
Q3: How do I install SourceLink on more than one computer?
A3: You can purchase the 5 User version or Enterprise Version (10 user) of SourceLink for more than one computer. Simply call Personable to purchase the multiple user versions of SourceLink.
Q4: Why don't I see any activity from SourceLink when i'm using QuickBooks?
A4: Make sure that the "Don't allow any applications to access this company file" option is not checked. To do this go to the QuickBooks "Edit" menu, then "Preferences", "Integrated Applications" and finally "Company Preferences". If you are still having trouble after this option has been disabled, please send an email to or give us a call at (714) 430-6944.
Q5: Will SourceLink support multiple users in a shared environment?
A5: Yes, you can share the linked files with other users; As long as they have access to SourceLink from their computer, they can enjoy the benefits of SourceLink features fully.
Q6: How do I secure my attached document in a shared environment?
A6: You can simply attach the document from your protected private directory, then other users won't be able to view it or access it.
Linked Files
Q1:What file types am I able to link to my records and transactions? A1: You can link any type of file, including documents, images, and even ZIP files, into the lists and transactions in QuickBooks.
Q2: What file types will I able to view with SourceLink?
A2: You are able to view any attached files as long as it has an associated program that is able to display it.
e.g.: Record Files Types AttachedViewable A file1.jpg , file2.doc, file3.pdf Yes B No
Q3: What do I do if I modified my original file name?
A3: You can simply attach the file with new name and remove the old one in SourceLink

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