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ScanWriter is a home run… Game Changer! And I am on the winning team! …I love it.
Senior Analyst California, USA

Case Study:

Solution: ScanWriter for Excel


Physically entering and checking financial transactions between 40 accounts is not practical because of the large volume and high risk of error.


  • Completed the case in weeks instead of months
  • Determined the flow of funds and traced the money
  • Could take on more cases to support the agency’s mission
  • Managed large data sets while maintaining data integrity

A Veteran Analyst Scores with Game-Changing Financial Transaction Analysis




Bankruptcy Trustee

A sophisticated financial fraud case involves manifold documents and transactions, all of which require review. Yet this daunting task is necessary to understand where money comes from and goes to.

In the case discussed here, millions of dollars moved from account to account, which could take an analyst months or years to complete manually. The analyst for this case told us, “Manually tracking money can be like a dog chasing his own tail…”

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The investigator

At first, the analyst was skeptical about ScanWriter. Her agency had recently adopted the software, and she was encouraged to take a training session and try it.

However, when she started using ScanWriter, the number of banks it supported impressed her. The analyst said, “I could find most of my banks in ScanWriter, but I had to request a few others. It was so easy. I was able to add new banks in a day or two.”



Business Benefits

Bankruptcy Trustee

In a couple of weeks, the analyst concluded her review and notified the case’s agent that she was ready to present the evidence.

The agent could not believe how much work the analyst had completed in a short time. The analyst noted, “I showed the agent how to use the Flow of Funds Model. He found connections and potential targets to look into… I have never seen him so excited to review the data…”

Domino effect