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“With ScanWriter, I saved at least 9 months’ worth of work.”
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Case Study:

Solution: ScanWriter for Excel


A California District Attorney’s office was assigned a large embezzlement case that involved a sophisticated web of money transfers and wire fraud, including 100,000+ checks.


  • Received a 100% accurate data check within 2 weeks
  • Created Excel spreadsheets that linked to check images
  • Analyzed the data pattern with the BI Model

With ScanWriter’s Data Capture and Analytics Technology, a DA’s Office Built
a case from 100,000 Check Images




District Attorney’s

A California District Attorney’s Office was assigned a large embezzlement case that involved a sophisticated web of money transfers and wire fraud. The case’s evidence was sent to the Economic Crimes Division to be processed and analyzed.

The judge had subpoenaed a large amount of financial records, including more than 100,000 check images, that required examination to determine how much the defendant stole. The agency would use forensic techniques to gather information that helped the prosecution build its case.
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The investigator

The investigator discovered ScanWriter for Excel and learned that it could automate the data capture process, converting data from his PDF check images to Excel. Once purchased, ScanWriter streamlined his case workflow and created a structured spreadsheet within a week.

Each data type was classified into a distinct Excel column. This setup allowed him to sort and search the transactions in question swiftly.

The investigator noted, “This case would have taken over 1500 hours for me to manually enter into Excel… that doesn’t include the time spent in double-checking my own work…”

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Business Benefits

District Attorney’s

With ScanWriter, the District Attorney’s office was able to get the necessary financial data efficiently and found the evidence needed to prosecute the case.

ScanWriter’s user-friendly interface helped the investigator process 100,000 checks with 100% accuracy. He did not have to spend time double-checking his data entry or stress about completing the case on time.

The investigator said that, without ScanWriter, he would still be entering the case’s data. Such incomplete assignments are a large burden for the agency and the public they serve.

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