How To Select Fraud Case Management System for Financial Investigators

Case management software can reduce months of processing case data to mere minutes.

Gathering intelligence for a fraud investigation case can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task.

Reviewing, analyzing and sharing reports on countless documents and transactions takes up valuable time that could be used to identify fraud and mitigate damages.

Fraud Investigation Case management system can make this job easier when it’s combined with tools that automate the data capture process and convert any paper document or digital file into structured data on Excel or data visualization.

Additionally,  fraud case management system allows investigators to work on multiple cases simultaneously as well as share files and data with other agents for smooth collaboration, even when working on huge cases.

Case management software makes it easy to resume investigation where the investigator left off and in the end integrate a variety of data to create comprehensive and customized reports.

5 Features To Look For in  Fraud Case Management System for Financial Fraud Cases

When considering a case management platform for your financial investigation cases, your priorities should include efficiency, ease of use and speed. Here are five other important features to keep in mind.

You want to make sure the case management software can do the following:

  1. Automatically capture all types of document data

Intelligence comes in a variety of formats. From bank checks to medical reports, documents can be handwritten or in computer fonts. You want to make sure the software reader can read any kind of document and format.

  1. Verify accuracy

Data accuracy is paramount in financial investigations. Look for a system that compares data, checks for accuracy and has built-in intelligent error detection.

  1. Organize documents based on customized categories

You want your software to be able to customize categories to fit any type of analysis — whether you want to parse by business name, location, bank or document type. This feature should be available and easy to use.

  1. Export easily to visualization tools

Capturing different types of data and assuring their accuracy is the first step. Once the data is captured, you want to make sure it can be enriched into dynamic visualizations that prompt analysis by finding relationships and connections between the data.

  1. Facilitate collaboration

Documents that can be easily archived, backed up and shared facilitate the collaboration process. In addition, visualization is an important way to show data and encourage connections and insights.

ScanWriter Leads the Pack in Financial Fraud Investigation Software 

ScanWriter’s fraud investigation software can help you address the menace of money laundering and other financial fraud. 

With its data entry automation feature, ScanWriter can convert any paper document or digital file into normalized data on Excel or data visualization on Power BI. And it can process large files in a matter of minutes without sacrificing accuracy, and ensuring both speed and precision.

These sophisticated analytical tools and modeling techniques follow the money, which allows investigators to identify and warn institutions about the indicators of illegal activities and increased risk of financial crimes.

Source – ScanWriter Software – Case Management Feature

Here’s a closer look at some of ScanWriter’s most valuable features.

Data Accuracy

ScanWriter minimizes users’ time and effort by processing large files in a matter of minutes without sacrificing accuracy.

Thanks to ScanWriter’s accuracy features, you can be confident that all data is correct and complete. Once ScanWriter processes a statement, users can confirm the data’s accuracy with one or all three of ScanWriter’s accuracy verification features. This streamlines preparation and gives the auditor confidence that the figures match the source documents.

ScanWriter’s built-in sophisticated data processing feature achieves 100% accuracy and ensures that your data is right before you proceed with analysis or allegations.

Source – ScanWriter Software – Verifying the numbers from the source

Comprehensive Check Reader

Checks comprise a large part of the information in fraud case. ScanWriter’s check reader automatically reads, captures and organizes data from all checks.

ScanWriter’s technology picks up everything on the check image, including the memo field, routing number and signatures. And it supports different formats and image quality. 

You can isolate signatures for signature analysis for both endorser and signer. 

Anything that’s on a check can be captured by ScanWriter. Even from a handwritten check.

Additionally, if your case includes offset documents, such as check images and wire transfers, ScanWriter can automatically match these offsets to individual bank statements. And key details, such as payee name, are automatically populated.

Public Library

ScanWriter is linked to over 40,000 institutions, including more than 15,000 financial institutions.

We support statements from digital payment services like Venmo and Zelle, as well as small banks, small purchase cards and industry-specific cards.

ScanWriter supports over 15,000 large and small financial institutions — with more added every day. And if you should happen to have a bank that’s not on the list, you can request a document format and within 24-48 hours we will add it, and a reader will be available for you to read the document.

Captures and Analyzes All Types of Documents

Whether your source is a huge file on a CD or individual PDFs, ScanWriter will capture the data and file it into a folder.

ScanWriter can capture any computer-typed characters as well as handwritten documents, including check images, wires, cash receipts, medical records, EOBs, flight logs and payroll reports.

If you can read it, so can ScanWriter.

Sorts Data

ScanWriter streamlines case workflow by automating the data capture process, converting data from PDF images to Excel, and creating a structured spreadsheet in the time it takes you to go to lunch.

ScanWriter automatically generates reports, which you can customize to find connections that aid your investigations.

It creates an organized Excel spreadsheet with dates, descriptions, business names, amounts, balances and more in distinct columns. In this way making it unnecessary for users to spend their time reformatting data.

Additionally, ScanWriter can combine checks, deposit slips and cash slip data with bank statements and put it all together into a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet.

It can categorize transactions by type or customize categories according to your investigation strategy.

Let ScanWriter separate and categorize documents for you so you can focus on reviewing the data instead of matching each transaction one-by-one.

Provides Enrichment

Standardizing and normalizing data for Excel provides an organized view of your information. ScanWriter takes this analysis capability one step further by integrating processed data with Power BI for generating visualizations of patterns, activities and relationships of the data.

Totally customizable to your case strategy, data enrichment can fit every analyst’s needs for desired connections, patterns and insights.

Included in this feature are pre-created models, such as the ‘Flow of Funds’ model which graphically illustrates where money is coming from, where it’s going, who was involved and more.

Models such as this one help fraud investigators scrutinize the movement of funds in various cyber crimes, elder abuse cases and more.

Power BI visualizations turn your data into coherent, visually immersive and interactive insights that can be used to eloquently and persuasively support a case.

21 Languages

ScanWriter supports 21 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Arabic and more.


ScanWriter is not a cloud-based software. Perfect for high security environments, it’s an on-premise solution which processes all data on your local computer.

ScanWriter saves files locally, so you never have to worry about compromising the integrity of your financial records. Plus, ScanWriter Excel Edition offers a redact function so you can protect sensitive details if you send us a sample document.

You’re in control of your files, and only you can share access to them.

Private companies and law enforcement agencies use our trusted software for all their financial investigations with assurance and confidence.

Offers an Easy-to-Use Interface With Dedicated Customer Support

You don’t have to be a techie to find your way around the ScanWriter case management software.

Its user-friendly interface makes getting the most of the software’s functionality easy and intuitive.

With ScanWriter, there’s no need for an IT staff or in-house experts for support and maintenance. You can easily get up to speed on the software without any extensive technical training.

The user interface makes it easy for financial fraud investigators to automate their document workflow and manual filing processes, and provides analytic summaries within minutes.

But should you have the need for an expert at any time, our dedicated customer support staff is available for you 24/7 to ensure that all your needs and questions are addressed.

ScanWriter Transforms Fraud Case Management at the U.S. Department of the Treasury

A Program Analyst (name kept confidential) at the Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture had a problem.

His agents were bogged down with entry and processing tasks that slowed down their workflow and threatened to interfere with their progress on various financial fraud cases.

The software they were using was limited, cumbersome and difficult to use.

Seeking a new solution to assist in his staff’s investigative efforts, the analyst learned about ScanWriter and began to explore it as a solution to their problem.

As it turned out, the challenges his field agents faced were the exact problems ScanWriter solves.

“My agents needed an efficient software to automate the capture process. We wanted something we could rely on that’s secure, accurate and easy to use,” says the program analyst.

ScanWriter was the solution they’d been seeking.

The analyst says that what caught their attention was these features the system offered:

  • Automated data capture process
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and Power BI
  • Data models already built in
  • Advanced AI for complex data captures such as handwritten notes
  • 100’s of templates built in
  • 100’s of built-in readers as well as custom readers

“Additionally, it was easy to use, efficient and accurate. And ScanWriter support is first rate,” adds the analyst.

In early 2020 they acquired the licenses and are now in the process of acquiring more licenses for the Secret Service and the IRS to support day-to-day investigative work related to financial crimes.

“The software is what we’re looking for from a federal agency perspective to be able to support our investigations. We’ve been using it for the past two years and will probably get more licenses as time goes by because the agents want it, the analysts want it, and the system works well,” says the analyst.

Not only does ScanWriter process and analyze their current data, the analyst is also aware that before long there will be new sources of data — blockchain ledgers and transactions — that will need to be processed. 

“We’re confident that an agile and forward-thinking company like ScanWriter will always have the resources we’ll need to handle any and all data that comes our way,” says the analyst.


ScanWriter is the predominant data capture and analytic technology solution for all your financial fraud investigation needs.

It also incorporates case management features that allow users to convert and prepare data for deeper analysis, collaborate over huge cases, work on multiple cases simultaneously, and more.

Our clients boost productivity by 90% with our time-saving tools; maintain data integrity thanks to our 100% data accuracy; and ultimately create more opportunities for growth.

Automating data entry helps professionals fight fraud, maintain data security, meet deadlines and budgets, prepare data for deeper analysis, accelerate workflow and more.

No matter what challenges your organization faces, ScanWriter can provide you with an effective solution.

Contact us today for a free demo and discover how ScanWriter can save your organization time and money with our data automation solutions.


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