How To Select Fraud Case Management System for Financial Investigators

Case management software can reduce months of processing case data to mere minutes.

Gathering intelligence for a fraud investigation case can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task.

Reviewing, analyzing and sharing reports on countless documents and transactions takes up valuable time that could be used to identify fraud and mitigate damages.

Fraud Investigation Case management system can make this job easier when it’s combined with tools that automate the data capture process and convert any paper document or digital file into structured data on Excel or data visualization.

Additionally,  fraud case management system allows investigators to work on multiple cases simultaneously as well as share files and data with other agents for smooth collaboration, even when working on huge cases.

Case management software makes it easy to resume investigation where the investigator left off and in the end integrate a variety of data to create comprehensive and customized reports.

5 Features To Look For in  Fraud Case Management System for Financial Fraud Cases

When considering a case management platform for your financial investigation cases, your priorities should include efficiency, ease of use and speed. Here are five other important features to keep in mind.

You want to make sure the case management software can do the following:

  1. Automatically capture all types of document data

Intelligence comes in a variety of formats. From bank checks to medical reports, documents can be handwritten or in computer fonts. You want to make sure the software reader can read any kind of document and format.

  1. Verify accuracy

Data accuracy is paramount in financial investigations. Look for a system that compares data, checks for accuracy and has built-in intelligent error detection.

  1. Organize documents based on customized categories

You want your software to be able to customize categories to fit any type of analysis — whether you want to parse by business name, location, bank or document type. This feature should be available and easy to use.

  1. Export easily to visualization tools

Capturing different types of data and assuring their accuracy is the first step. Once the data is captured, you want to make sure it can be enriched into dynamic visualizations that prompt analysis by finding relationships and connections between the data.

  1. Facilitate collaboration

Documents that can be easily archived, backed up and shared facilitate the collaboration process. In addition, visualization is an important way to show data and encourage connections and insights.

ScanWriter Leads the Pack in Financial Fraud Investigation Software 

ScanWriter’s fraud investigation software can help you address the menace of money laundering and other financial fraud. 

With its data entry automation feature, ScanWriter can convert any paper document or digital file into normalized data on Excel or data visualization on Power BI. And it can process large files in a matter of minutes without sacrificing accuracy, and ensuring both speed and precision.