ScanWriter Case studies

Learn how ScanWriter helped State And Federal agencies in various investigations

How ScanWriter's Analytics helped investigating and winning embezzlement case?

High-profile fund misappropriation incidents have put law enforcement on alert, necessitating a fast and analytical solution like ScanWriter. ScanWriter’s effectiveness in expediting asset tracing and providing visualizations is crucial for successful cases.

How ScanWriter's Data Visualization helped in timely arrest of a murder suspect?

A prominent businessman’s murder investigation benefited from ScanWriter’s advanced data entry automation, enabling swift collection and conversion of financial evidence. The team utilized ScanWriter’s ‘Flow of Funds’ visualization to trace the suspect’s activity, leading to the suspect’s apprehension within a week of the crime.

How ScanWriter helped investigating money laundering case in record time?

A pharmacist pleaded guilty to a healthcare fraud scheme, resulting in over $150 million in fraudulent claims. The scheme involved unnecessary compounded medications and false claims to Medicare and TRICARE. ScanWriter was enlisted by authorities to aid in the investigation and prosecution of this intricate fraud case.

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