ScanWriter for Family Law

ScanWriter simplifies the complexities of family law financial discovery, turning bank and credit card statements into structured, actionable data. From identifying undisclosed assets to clarifying commingled finances, our tool enables legal professionals to focus on strategy and equitable resolutions, not manual data entry.

Unlock Next-Level Financial Investigations with ScanWriter

Instant Conversion of Financial Documents

Begin by uploading any financial document—be it bank statements, credit card transactions, payroll records, or even phone logs. ScanWriter’s AI-driven technology converts these into structured Excel data within seconds, and with 100% accuracy.

Uncover Hidden Assets

When assets or liabilities are concealed, they inevitably leave a trace in transaction history. ScanWriter’s precise search capabilities sift through structured transaction data to identify any irregularities, aiding in the discovery of undisclosed assets or liabilities.

Track Money Movements

ScanWriter automates the intricate process of identifying transfers between different accounts and entities. This makes it easier to understand the financial behavior of all parties involved, ultimately facilitating a more equitable legal outcome.

Why use ScanWriter?


100% Data Accuracy

No more trade-offs between speed and precision. ScanWriter guarantees 100% accuracy when converting your financial documents into structured Excel data, eliminating the margin of error and building a foundation of trust for your investigations.


Unmatched Versatility

Whether it’s bank statements, credit card transactions, payroll records, or even phone logs and contracts, ScanWriter can process an extensive range of documents. This flexibility enables a comprehensive financial investigation by capturing all possible data points.


Advanced Analytical Models

Powered by sophisticated algorithms, ScanWriter helps you unveil hidden patterns and irregularities in financial data. From detecting fraudulent activities to identifying undisclosed assets, our platform provides a 360-degree view of financial behavior.


Dynamic Visualization Tools

When numbers alone don’t tell the whole story, ScanWriter’s advanced visualization capabilities step in. Easily track money flows, identify the origins and destinations of transactions, and display your findings in an easily understandable format that strengthens your case.


Audit-Ready Reporting

Our forensic accounting tools link Excel cells directly to original data sources and highlight data origins. This audit trail feature lends credibility and transparency to your investigations, making it easier to present and defend your findings.


Global and Scalable

With multi-language support covering 21 languages and compatibility with over 40,000 institutions, ScanWriter is built to scale. Whether you’re a local agency or a global firm, ScanWriter adapts to meet your unique investigative needs.

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How ScanWriter helped investigating money laundering case in record time?

A pharmacist pleaded guilty to a healthcare fraud scheme, resulting in over $150 million in fraudulent claims. The scheme involved unnecessary compounded medications and false claims to Medicare and TRICARE. ScanWriter was enlisted by authorities to aid in the investigation and prosecution of this intricate fraud case.

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