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Simplify your case pipeline with ScanWriter: Unmatched data accuracy, seamless organization, and ironclad security in one platform.

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Centralized Document Capture

With ScanWriter, every element of your case is consolidated into a single, highly secure platform. Our software captures all types of document data, from bank statements to phone records, ensuring that your case information is comprehensive and at your fingertips. No more sifting through multiple platforms or risk of data mismanagement.

In-Depth Case Histories

ScanWriter’s automatic tracking system offers transparent and detailed case histories. It logs all access, views, edits, and updates, no matter the scale of the case. Be confident in the accountability and traceability of every piece of information you handle.

One-Click Analytics

Visualize your case’s data with a single click. ScanWriter’s export features integrate seamlessly with data visualization tools like Power BI, allowing you to create organized, detailed reports in seconds rather than hours.

Collaborative Investigation

ScanWriter’s case management system is designed with teamwork in mind. It facilitates efficient collaboration, allowing multiple investigators to work on the same case or different cases simultaneously. Share, annotate, and analyze without compromising on security or quality.

Why is ScanWriter the top choice as Case Management Software?


Streamlined Data Collection

ScanWriter automates the tedious task of gathering financial documents and data, making it easy for investigators to compile case-relevant information from multiple sources. This automation significantly reduces the time needed to set the groundwork for any investigation.


Enhanced Accuracy

The software performs daily reconciliations and highlights discrepancies, allowing for a high level of accuracy in data tracking. It can even handle hundreds of transactions per day or month, making sure you are always working with reliable data.


Robust Sorting and Organization

Through its case manager feature, ScanWriter enables users to automatically sort and organize various types of documents — from bank statements to receipts — into distinct folders or categories. This feature increases efficiency and makes document retrieval simpler.


Security and Compliance

Being an on-premise solution, ScanWriter ensures that all your data is processed and stored locally. This provides an added layer of security, as sensitive financial information remains within your organization’s infrastructure.


In-Depth Analytics

With functionalities like parsing business names or specific locations from transaction descriptions, ScanWriter enables investigators to dig deeper into the data. It aids in uncovering patterns or anomalies that could be crucial for a case.



ScanWriter supports documents from a wide array of financial institutions and payment platforms, including smaller banks and apps like Zelle and Venmo. This wide-ranging compatibility makes it a one-stop solution for all your case management needs.

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