Catalyst for Change: Personable 2024 AI Summit Addresses AI Skills Gap For Public Sector Financial Investigations

The march toward digital transformation in the federal sector continues unabated, as agencies increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance operations, streamline processes, and combat financial fraud. Yet, at the heart of this technological revolution lies a critical challenge – the AI skills gap within the federal workforce. Six in 10 public sector IT professionals attribute their sluggish AI adoption to a sheer lack of relevant skills. This gap not only impedes the deployment of AI technologies but also diminishes the potential for these tools to catalyze significant advancements in public service delivery.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, especially when it comes to financial investigations. Programmatic fraud cost agencies between $233-$521 billion between fiscal years 2018 and 2022, which offers agencies a compelling incentive to evaluate and adopt innovative AI tools that can proactively identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. However, the effectiveness of these tools hinges on the ability of investigators to use them adeptly—a reality that sharply highlights the AI skills gap.

Amidst this landscape, President Joe Biden’s directive to infuse the federal workforce with 500 AI experts by 2025 serves as a clarion call for action. This ambitious talent acquisition plan, coupled with the Defense Department’s own hiring spree, underscores a commitment to government and industry collaboration that accelerates digital transformation efforts.

Recognizing the urgency of this need, Personable, Inc. is hosting the 2024 AI Summit, scheduled for May 15-16, 2024, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The AI Summit is set to be a foundational event to empower public sector financial investigator AI training and engagement.

Why the 2024 AI Summit Is a Must-Attend Event

The 2024 AI Summit is not just another AI or Tech conference. It is a focused effort aimed at equipping financial investigators at all levels of government with the knowledge, skills, and insights needed to harness AI in their mission to protect public resources. With an elite lineup of speakers and panelists, attendees will gain access to leading thought leaders in the space, including:

  • Aneesh Chopra, former Chief Technology Officer of the United States (2009-12); President, CareJourney
  • Jason Wild, former VP of CEO Co-Innovation and Customer Engagement Microsoft
  • Sanjeev Pulapaka, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Patricia Delafuente, Sr Data Scientist, NVIDIA Public Sector        

Key sessions of the Summit include:

  • In-depth Training: Understand the nuances of how AI impacts financial investigations, from forensic accounting practices to regulatory compliance.
  • Staying ahead of AI Adversaries: Explore how adversaries leverage AI for illicit activities and learn how to stay one step ahead.
  • Organizational Readiness: Gain insights into building an AI-ready environment, focusing on data strategies and talent development.
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations: Dive into the ethical dilemmas and legal frameworks surrounding the use of AI in financial investigations.
  • Hands-On Demonstrations: Experience a visual walkthrough of Personable ScanWriter technology and other AI asset detection and management capabilities related to financial crimes.

Summit attendees earn 12 CPE credits, positioning it as more than just a training event. It serves as a pivotal launching pad for forward-thinking financial investigators who are dedicated to improving their skills and embracing AI benefits.

Seizing the Moment: How to Participate

The 2024 AI Summit is designed to help agencies move forward in closing the AI skills gap. For agencies looking to elevate their financial fraud investigations and for professionals eager to advance their expertise in AI, this Summit is an invaluable opportunity to grow, learn, and connect.

Register now for the 2024 AI Summit and prepare to expand your AI knowledge.


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