The Must-Attend Fraud Conferences for Investigators in 2023 and 2024

Are you an investigator in pursuit of the latest tactics to outwit fraudsters? Buckle up! The following two years are packed with conferences that are nothing short of a goldmine. 

From cutting-edge technologies to insider secrets, these ten must-attend events in 2023 and 2024 are your ticket to the forefront of fraud investigation. 

Think of hands-on workshops, real-world case studies, and connections with like-minded professionals that could redefine your approach to fraud. 

Let’s uncover the details of each conference, explore what sets them apart, and discover why they are your next big leap in professional growth.

Navigating the Fraud Frontier: Conferences Empowering Investigators in 2023

ACFE Anti-Fraud Leadership Summit

Date: October 9, 2023

Venue: New York

Why should you attend: Step into the forefront of anti-fraud expertise at ACFE’s  Anti-Fraud Leadership Summit in New York—an invitation-only pinnacle. This premier event unveils a unique 1-day forum where investigators exchange insights on emerging anti-fraud trends, harnessing analytics tools, and implementing optimal practices in anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategies. 

Participants can engage in dynamic live Q&A, immersive roundtable discussions, and earn up to seven CPE credits. Exclusively curated for senior leaders with profound anti-fraud responsibilities, this summit forges connections with distinguished decision-makers mastering fraud risk management, prevention, detection, and investigation.

Reach out to your ACFE contacts for an exclusive invitation to this transformative leadership experience.

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Date: November 9, 2023

Venue: Washington D.C.

Why should you attend: Hosted by the ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Alliance, this summit is tailored for professionals fighting fraud in law enforcement and government sectors. Attendees can select from 10 enlightening sessions helmed by anti-fraud leaders, focusing on the latest trends, best practices, and innovative fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence tools. 

The event also presents a chance to forge alliances with like-minded peers and earn eight hours of CPE credit, which is crucial for maintaining professional credentials. This summit is unique in its governmental focus, attracting influential figures nationwide. Sponsorship opportunities are also available, reflecting the prestige and specialized appeal of the event.

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Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2023

Date: September 11-13, 2023 

Venue: Dallas, Texas

Why should you attend: ASIS International’s Global Security Exchange is the must-attend event for fraud investigators seeking to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of security. Attendees can delve into a robust learning program that covers vital areas such as cybersecurity, business continuity, and crisis management. 

The summit offers a chance to connect with global ex