SourceLink Standard Edition

Use Turbo Folder to automatically file, name, store, and streamline workflow as you go paperless.

Product Overview

SourceLink Standard Edition, which builds on award winning Gold certified SourceLink 5.1, is a powerful document management program that gives you the ability to easily file, retrieve and organize your source documents associated with each QuickBooks record! With complete access and ownership of your company records, you can take control of your documents with the following benefits:

Features & Benefits

SourceLink is the only document management solution fully integrated into QuickBooks that gives you the most features of any comparable product on the market. With its powerful features, SourceLink supports batch processing, single transaction linking, and after-the-fact back filing.

The Document Management System for QuickBooks

Using SourceLink, you can file and retrieve your source documents to and from the QuickBooks invoices, purchase orders, payments, and any of the 26 different QuickBooks records directly.

A Paperless Office of QuickBooks

You can use SourceLink to eliminate the cost of filing and storing documents physically and create a paperless office. No more worrying about the file cabinets and the storage of physical papers.

Add More Value And Better Service From Team Work

With SourceLink, accountants and support staff can access source documents together instantly. SourceLink is the groupware that provides the features to assist and improve team work.


Software Specs

You can attach as many files as you want to any of these 25+ different QuickBooks record types:


Have Any Questions ?

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This is the default setting of SourceLink, however you can disable this feature by:

  • Clicking on the “Option” menu at the top of SourceLink
  • Click on “Configuration” within the “Option” menu
  • Uncheck “Always prompt at Save” within the Configuration window
  • Click the [Apply] button

This is a default setting of SourceLink, which keeps SourceLink on top of your other windows so it won’t be hidden by them. To disable this setting:

  • Clicking on the “Option” menu at the top of SourceLink
  • Click on “Configuration” within the “Option” menu
  • Uncheck “Always on top” within the Configuration window
  • Click the [Apply] button

With the support for a multitude of QuickBooks records, the accounting professionals are using it in many cases. Here are a few examples:

  • Keep track of written agreements or contracts by associating them to a customer in QuickBooks
  • Look up Vendor Invoices and also find its associated Bill
  • Scan a customer refund check into their computer and associate it with a credit memo
  • Group together all related documents regarding an Invoice such as a customer’s purchase order or a vendor’s bill with the invoice for easy access.
  • Retrieve from a Journal Entry the accounting information, employee information or even vendor information directly.
  • Use sticky notes to communicate among multiple QuickBooks users.
  • Etc…

No, SourceLink creates and maintains the unique link between your entered QuickBooks data or your document.

SourceLink will NOT affect the size of the QB data file, because SourceLink does not make copies of the source files. The user will only add about 30 bytes for each link. So even with 1,000 linked files, SourceLink only adds 30KB to the QB data file.

You can attach documents to 25 different QuickBooks record types. Also you can use SourceLink’s electronic sticky notes (“MyNote”) on all those records.