Understanding Data Automation: How It Works

Before it can be analyzed, data must be captured–taken piece by piece from documents and converted into structured information that a computer can comprehend. Data capture requires precision and an eye for detail, as improper entry can distort and invalidate the analysis that follows.

For decades, data capture has required employees to enter individual points of information manually into a processor. This long and tedious process inspired widespread hatred for manual data entry. However, while some organizations still use manual data entry today, many have found a better way: automated data capture, or data automation.

Data automation software benefits employees and organizations by handling data capture swiftly and efficiently. In a matter of minutes, it can convert years’ worth of bank statement data into Excel with near-perfect accuracy and minimal employee involvement. When used as financial investigation software, it can even reveal money trails and help prevent fraud in certain cases.

If your workplace relies on data analytics, it’s crucial to use automated data capture to cut back on cost and time. In addition to financial analysts and fraud investigators, data automation can benefit law enforcement special agents and case investigators.

How Data Entry Automation Works

During manual data entry, an individual has to key in single points on a spreadsheet. But, with data automation software it reads a document scan, extracts the desired information, and enters it into Excel or another structured file type. The software also sorts data types automatically, allowing anyone to search and organize them.

This software works faster and more precisely than any individual on a computer.  It works to achieve accuracy that manual data entry doesn’t guarantee. Plus, with data entry handled, employees can devote their time to more pressing tasks and demands.

How Can ScanWriter Help?

We established ScanWriter to help professionals digitize document workflow and filing. Our data automation software provides all the benefits mentioned above, transforming laborious manual entry into a quick, automated process. Moreover, our software’s features include:

  • The Compare Data® tool to ensure your information’s accuracy
  • Custom reporting, including suspicious activities reports, and visualization tools to summarize and illustrate data
  • ScanWriter’s dedicated support staff
  • Functionality in 21 languages
  • Ability to process any document, including bank statements, check images, and more
  • Connectivity to thousands of public libraries and institutions

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