Asset Tracing: How Technology Can Help Fraud Investigators Follow the Money to Trace Assets?

The recovery of the proceeds of financial frauds, sophisticated embezzlement schemes, or even heinous crimes like human trafficking is possible only if the investigative research helps trace hidden assets. 

The location and ownership of those assets are often hidden through a complex flow of funds in the names of different people and fraudulent entities disbursed across multiple jurisdictions in various countries.  

Such asset tracing and recovery requires investigative teams to follow the complicated money trail. Following the money trail has been a labor-intensive process, often involving thousands of pieces of information. Preparing data for asset tracing includes: 

  • Collecting raw data and files
  • Organizing files
  • Preparing data
  • Capturing data
  • Cleaning data

After these administrative tasks are completed, you can start your analysis. But this doesn’t end the time-consuming manual labor. You still need to prepare data visualizations, exploratory reporting, and reports with actionable data.