Top 3 Case Management Software for Federal & State Government Agencies to Try in 2024

Manually capturing, normalizing, and evaluating data have put federal agencies far behind fraudsters and increased the number of backlogged cases

This challenging situation is often compounded due to inadequate case management features in existing fraud investigation tools. As a result, many productive hours are wasted.

Besides, complex cases necessitate efficient team collaboration. Investigators often lose time sifting through numerous platforms for updates or sending countless emails, to keep the team updated.  

A well-designed case management software solution must streamline the workflow and facilitate effective collaboration. It must automate the sorting and organizing of documents, maintain status of each document for the team to stay updated, and more. 

Your quest for such case management software ends at this article. 

We are here to present you with a comprehensive review of top three case management software solutions each standing out with their unique differentiating features.

#1 ScanWriter

#2 Verafin

#3 Legal Files

Here’s to upgrading your agency’s case management capabilities!

4 Must-Have Features in Case Management Software for Federal Agencies

  1. Streamlined Workflow: This feature makes investigators’ jobs easier by automatically entering data, sorting documents in a custom way, and turning data into insights that can be used for analysis. It also connects their working files to Excel, and Power BI. It even helps track transactions back to where they started. 

Additionally, investigators can pause their work on cases and pick up where they left off later, keeping things organized and efficient.

  1. Ease of Collaboration: The software facilitates simultaneous work on a single case by multiple investigators, avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort. This feature enhances case management by enabling the assignment of unique statuses to each file and real-time progress monitoring, fostering efficient collaboration among team members.
  1. Automated Data Visualization: Investigators can benefit from automatically populated models, such as ‘the flow of funds, rather than manually creating labor-intensive financial models in Excel spreadsheets. These readily available models assist in identifying money trails and tracing assets, reducing time and effort significantly.
  1. Secure Deployment: Prioritizing data security –  this feature eliminates worries of unauthorized access or data breaches. The software offers desktop applications for use on a premise-only basis, ensuring a protected, secure work environment.

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Top 3 Case Management Software for Federal Agencies to Checkout in 2024

ScanWriter excels in automated document organization and data entry with added error detection and collaboration features. Verafin, a cloud-based platform, stands out with comprehensive fraud detection and seamless documentation. Meanwhile, Legal Files provides extensive customizable features for diverse investigations and flexible deployment options.

Let’s delve deeper into these tools, starting with ScanWriter by Personable.

#1 – Scanwriter

ScanWriter is a homegrown financial fraud investigation software. ScanWriter is trusted by district attorneys, fraud examiners and many other financial and legal experts in the public sector across the United States. It assists investigators in quickly and efficiently investigating frauds by automating data entry and visualization, facilitating seamless collaboration and providing excellent customer support. 

Key Benefits of Using ScanWriter

Automate Document Organization With Scanwriter

Traditionally organizing documents requires significant time and effort, as one has to manually sort through each received file – which is time-consuming and prone to human errors. 

Investigators manually shift through various documents, categorizing them into separate folders based on type, owner, status, and more.

However ScanWriter automates document sorting and organization. Investigators import documents, and the software identifies types, like credit card statements or bank records, and sorts them into respective folders.  

Such automation streamlines the case workflow process, saves investigators significant time, reduces errors, and enables them to focus on more critical tasks.

Automate the Data Preparation Process

Investigators often rely on manual data entry to transfer information from received files into actionable information in Excel. Moreover, government agencies are facing a significant backlog of manual data entry tasks due to a lack of staff and furloughs.

Manually organizing the data into the desired structure can be challenging because it’s prone to human errors, including typos, omissions, and transposition mistakes, leading to inaccuracies and inconsistencies. 

Case Management Software for Federal & State Government Agencies - ScanWriter

However ScanWriter bulk processes large files including handprint data and cursive handwriting that have posed difficulties for many fraud examiners. 

ScanWriter effortlessly reads through the documents and extracts and organizes key information such as payee, amount, and date into orderly columns and rows in minutes in Excel sheets and visual reports useful for analysis.

ScanWriter can read financial documents from 21,000 plus institutions including small credit unions.

Case Management Software for Federal & State Government Agencies - ScanWriter
Ensure Data Accuracy with Intelligent Error Detector 

It is crucial for investigators to make sure that data transferred from files to Excel is accurate and reliable. However, manually validating and cross-checking the data can be time-consuming and result in errors, risking the accuracy of analysis and decision-making.

ScanWriter’s built-in, sophisticated, intelligent error detector accurately processes data with 100% accuracy. 

ScanWriter allows investigators to visually compare captured data (on the left, as shown in the image below) with the source document. 

Case Management Software for Federal & State Government Agencies - ScanWriter

Users can identify and address discrepancies by typing them in a green box, which ScanWriter automatically highlights on the right side. 

Additionally, ScanWriter also offers the check balance method to identify discrepancies. The method is very similar to traditional reconciliations performed by accountants, with zeros in blue indicating 100% accuracy and red indicating discrepancies. ScanWriter also automatically maintains an audit trail.

With ScanWriter’s reliable error detection, investigators can trust the data they work with, ensuring error-free results.

Collaborate Effortlessly with ScanWriter

Picture this: Investigators have been tasked with managing multiple cases. And it’s challenging to stay updated on the status of each case file. Suddenly the lead investigator approaches them to inquire about the progress of a particular project – they’re absolutely clueless.

With ScanWriter users can assign a status such as “completed,” “in progress,” or “checked for accuracy” to each imported file, and effortlessly monitor their progress. 

For example, users can get insights like five files are fully read, one file is checked for accuracy, and five files are exported to BI. This feature helps them find where they are in their case, especially when trying to manage multiple them.

Moreover in case if users need to take a leave or collaborate with another investigator, they can pass the entire case or share it with them ensuring uninterrupted progress.

With ScanWriter users can effortlessly archive the entire cases, making it easy to resume the investigation where the investigator left off.

Streamline Data Analysis with Visualizations

In most fraud cases, the judges and juries have no training in accounting or finance. So users need to use simple and accurate visualizations to demonstrate their point.

ScanWriter in partnership with Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence), automatically prepares financial data visualizations, with pre-built visualization models including “All Transactions,” “Flow of Funds,” “Benford’s Law,” and “SAR Analysis.” 

For example the SAR analysis model helps investigators to analyze financial data from multiple accounts, identifying unusual transaction patterns and connections. 

The ‘flow of funds’ model helps in understanding the movement of money within a system or organization. Flow of funds model help users to track transactions, identify payees and payers, and observe transaction patterns over time.

Such automated visualizations and the ability to add filters on top of them helps fraud investigators immediately spot potential fraud, without the use of complex Excel formulas or advanced data analysis skills. 

Check this case study showcasing how ScanWriter helped investigators obtain concrete evidence that traced the transfer of funds from government accounts to personal accounts for luxury expenses and election campaigns investments.

Ensure Data Security

ScanWriter offers enhanced control and security with its on-premise deployment. 

ScanWriter allows users to install and run the software on their local servers – this adds a layer of security as your data remains within your organization’s control and eliminates concerns about external data storage or unauthorized access.



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#2 – Verafin

Verafin is a cutting-edge financial crime management solution for financial institutions.  

Verafin’s cloud-based platform, provides comprehensive capabilities for fraud detection and management, BSA/AML compliance and management, high-risk customer management, and information sharing. 

Key Benefits of Using Verafin

Seamless Documentation: Attach, Record, Investigate

Verafin allows users to create a comprehensive trail of documentation. Users can easily attach relevant files and documents to each case and record detailed notes, capturing their decisions and actions throughout the investigation.

Verafin Empowers Investigation With In-Depth Reports

Verafin helps users to generate reports documenting a wide range of investigative information, from fraud saving totals to the percentage of cases resulting in SARs and total time spent investigating various types of fraud.


Verafin has not disclosed pricing information for this product. Contact them for details.


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#3 – Legal Files

Legal Files is a comprehensive case management solution. 

Legal Files provides a comprehensive range of capabilities to effectively manage diverse investigative issues including fraud.

With its customizable features, Legal Files empowers investigators to handle various cases. 

The tool significantly enhances efficiency and equips users with valuable technological advantages.

Key Benefits of Using Legal Files

Effortlessly Capture and Track Crucial Case Information

Helps to capture and track crucial case information effortlessly, including emails (with attachments), scanned images, notes, calendars, tasks, documents, contact details, time entries, and more. 

Flexible Deployment Options for Enhanced Adaptability

Offers the advantage of being deployable either on-premises or in the cloud, providing organizations with the flexibility to choose the deployment method that best suits their needs.


Legal Files has not disclosed pricing information for this product. Contact them for details.


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Scanwriter – Best Choice for Case Management

As humans, we are naturally afraid of change and prefer things to stay the way they are. The same holds true when adopting a new software. 

However, adopting ScanWriter as your case management software can be easy because of its user-friendly interface and world-class customer support. 

ScanWriter is trusted by government agencies across the USA.

ScanWriter has received a rating of 8.4 out of 10 as a likelihood of recommendation – this means that an increasing number of customers are endorsing ScanWriter as the top choice for case management software.

The best thing? ScanWriter provides government agencies with a 14-day pilot program, allowing them to experience its benefits at no cost.

Book your free demo with ScanWriter today! Our experts will walk you through the platform and help you discover if it’s the right case management software for you.


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