DocuClipper Alternative: Why Scanwriter is the Top Choice

If you’re looking for a ‘DocuClipper Alternative,’ ScanWriter emerges as a premier choice for accountants and investigators. While DocuClipper is cloud-based and potentially susceptible to data breaches, ScanWriter offers enhanced security as a robust desktop application installed directly on your machine. 

Tailored to meet the precise needs of fraud investigators and accountants, ScanWriter not only offers quick and accurate data capture but also boasts an array of unique features such as an automatic audit trail, data visualization for asset tracing and case management – elements that DocuClipper might not provide.

In our head-to-head comparison of ‘DocuClipper vs. ScanWriter,’ the results speak volumes. ScanWriter shines as a superior fraud investigation tool, boasting speed, reliability, and unmatched features. For investigators and accountants, it’s clear: ScanWriter outpaces DocuClipper on every front.

Elevate your fraud investigation techniques by leaving behind tedious and repetitive data preparation. Dive deeper into meaningful analysis and let ScanWriter streamline the process for you. Experience the difference firsthand—try our free demo today!

Must-Know Benefits of ScanWriter

✅ 15,000+ Bank Formats: ScanWriter supports bank statements from financial institutions all over the world, including credit unions. If your bank format isn’t supported by ScanWriter, you can contact the customer support team and have it added in 24 to 48 hours.

✅ 100% Accuracy: ScanWriter proudly guarantees 100% accuracy for bank statements, bank and credit card transaction details, and more. It can even read hand-written checks. If the handwriting is difficult to decipher, there is an option to zoom in to correctly capture the details from checks.

DocuClipper Alternative: ScanWriter 100% accuracy

Enhanced Security: Data hosted locally often flies under the radar of hackers. With ScanWriter’s desktop application, you’re in the driver’s seat, fully controlling your security measures.

DocuClipper Alternative: ScanWriter enhance security

✅ Experts on Live Call: Get help and advice from a variety of customer support channels, including phone, email, and live chat. ScanWriter users also have access to a knowledge base, user manual, and video tutorials. Moreover, team ScanWriter regularly conducts training webinars. As an attendee, you don’t just learn to make the most of the tools but also earn CPE credits.

✅ High Speed: Batch processing lets you process hundreds of documents at once, saving users time. For instance, ScanWriter can accurately read 1,000+ checks in less than an hour.

Trusted Choice: Numerous federal and state government agencies rely on ScanWriter for automated data entry and visualizations, streamlining their financial investigations with ease.

✅ Feature-Packed Software: Full of robust features like data normalization, audit trails, automated reconciliation, flow of funds generation, SAR analysis, and more.ScanWriter drastically cuts down the data preparation and analysis time.

DocuClipper Alternative: ScanWriter featired packed software

✅ User-Friendly Interface: The dual screen feature lets ScanWriter users to view source documents right next to the extracted data. You can see checks on the left and an Excel sheet of all the data, organized, on the right. Easily compare data or balances between windows.

DocuClipper Alternative: ScanWriter user friendly interface

✅ Case Management: ScanWriter automatically sorts case documents into customized categories like owner, status, etc. ScanWriter also reflects on a case’s progress through graphs showing the number of documents in different stages, like read, accuracy checked, normalized, and more. 

DocuClipper Alternative: ScanWriter case management

Team Collaboration: ScanWriter simplifies collaboration among investigators by allowing users to assign statuses such as “completed,” “in progress,” or “checked for accuracy” to files, providing a clear snapshot of the progress in each case. Investigators can easily share or transfer entire cases to colleagues, ensuring seamless continuity even during absences. Additionally, archiving capabilities mean that investigations can be picked up right where they were left off, making team transitions and handoffs a breeze.

ScanWriter vs. DocuClipper: A Features Comparison

When it comes to power and capabilities, ScanWriter takes the lead in the showdown with DocuClipper. The side-by-side comparison in the table below lays out the major features of both ScanWriter and DocuClipper, and the contrast is striking. As you peruse the details, it becomes abundantly clear that ScanWriter outshines DocuClipper in a multitude of capabilities.

SecurityOn-site DeploymentCloud
Customer support and resourcesPhone, email, live call, knowledge base, user manual, video tutorials, training webinarsKnowledge base, user manual, video tutorials, and emails that respond in 1 to 3 business days
InterfaceUser-friendly desktop application, with dual screen view feature to show extracted data in Excel sheets along with the data source at the same timeUser-friendly, clean, and modern interface 
Accuracy100% accuracy 99% accuracy
Speed100+ transactions in seconds. 10 seconds per page.Several documents in seconds. Around 20 seconds average processing time.
Data normalizationComplete customizability for creating normalization rulesLesser options for normalization rules
Audit trailMaintains a complete audit trail of all data processing activities.N/A
Supported formatsSupports 40,000+ institutions, including 15,000+ financial institutions. Users can request a document format through customer support and see it uploaded within 48 hoursSupports all banks for credit card and bank statements
IntegrationsIntegrates with popular accounting software packages, like Excel, Quickbooks, Microsoft Power BI etc.Integrates with popular accounting software packages, like Excel, Quickbooks, etc.
Automated data visualizationFlow of funds report, SAR report, Benford’s Law report, Flight and Phone records, heatmaps, flowchart, and more.Flow of funds report
Case Management ScanWriter streamlines case management by auto-categorizing documents and visually tracking their progress. Its collaboration tools allow investigators to easily assign file statuses, share cases, and seamlessly pick up where they left offBasic categorization, like sorting by type or by group. Add a category, automatic sorting, and organization.
Automated ReconciliationVerify that the money leaving an account matches the actual money spent automatically by highlighting any discrepancies along with one-click source verification.
While checking the accounts, if the user observes any discrepancy, they can just click on the cell (on the right) and source of that data will get automatically highlighted (on the left)
Also has one-click money reconciliation

ScanWriter doesn’t just outpace DocuClipper in speed, accuracy, and security—it boasts features like an automatic audit trail, advanced visualizations for various models, and streamlined case management, which DocuClipper lacks.

Designed specifically for investigators and accountants, ScanWriter understands that their professional prowess hinges on efficient data handling. Beyond its superior capabilities, the next point of comparison between the two tools naturally pivots to pricing.

DocuClipper vs. ScanWriter Pricing: A Definitive Winner Emerges

Pricing is a pivotal point of consideration. DocuClipper’s tiered plans start at $39 for the Starter, $74 for Professional, and peak at $159 for Business. Each tier varies in per-page costs from $0.14 to $0.04 and comes with monthly page limits—200, 500, and 2,000, respectively. 

While these might cater to smaller businesses, the compromise is real. Essential financial tools, expedited processing, and top-tier support are notably absent from their lower tiers.

ScanWriter, on the other hand, offers a one-time license fee of $5,495, which covers one user workstation and ten custom readers with no document processing limits. Additionally, there’s an annual maintenance fee of $3,234. 

DocuClipper Alternative: ScanWriter purchase now

At a glance, ScanWriter might seem pricier, but when weighing the extensive features and advantages, its value proposition becomes undeniably clear. For government-based anti-fraud professionals, ScanWriter sweetens the deal with a complimentary 14-day trial.

DocuClipper vs. ScanWriter: Testimonials and Case Studies

ScanWriter has become an essential tool in solving complex fraud cases quickly. It played a pivotal role in uncovering a $150 million scam, transforming processes that typically took months into just a matter of weeks.

In this specific case, a pharmacist was found making fake claims totaling over $150 million. While the fraud was intricate with loads of data to sift through, ScanWriter’s features helped investigators trace the money and understand the scam’s depth.

Furthermore, when the investigators required a new reader for specific data, the ScanWriter team delivered it within 48 hours. This responsiveness, combined with their robust support, equipped the team to strengthen their case against the culprits.

DocuClipper Alternative: ScanWriter testimonial

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Sikich LLP, a leading professional services firm, faced tedious and error-prone manual data entry challenges. Implementing DocuClipper streamlined their operations, automating bank transactions into QuickBooks and Xero, and converting financial documents to Excel. With DocuClipper’s ability to handle varied document quality and its responsive support, Sikich now efficiently prioritizes building stronger client relationships. 

While both ScanWriter and DocuClipper streamline data capture processes, ScanWriter scores more with its advanced capabilities, like automated data visualizations, which are instrumental in uncovering fraud swiftly.

FAQs about ScanWriter vs DocuClipper

Still a little hesitant between ScanWriter and DocuClipper? You can find the most frequently asked questions about this topic below.

Who is ScanWriter best for?

ScanWriter is the best data entry and analysis software for investigators and accountants. Integrated with QuickBooks, Excel, and Power BI, ScanWriter streamlines data capture for bank statements, bills, receipts, and every kind of transaction. With only 5 to 10 seconds to scan a page, businesses can go through hundreds of pages and thousands of documents in an hour. 

How to get started with ScanWriter?

Users can easily get started with ScanWriter by signing up for a free demo. You just have to input your credentials, such as your full name, agency/company name, and so on, and then a specialist will contact you shortly. The best part about ScanWriter is its dedicated team of experts who are available via email, phone, and live call. 

Is ScanWriter worth the money?

ScanWriter is worth the money. Aside from being one of the fastest scanning programs out there, it’s also among the most accurate at 100% reported accuracy. ScanWriter is also a turnkey solution from start to finish, which means you can implement it anywhere in your business process, and it will fit seamlessly. App integration with QuickBooks, Excel, and other popular platforms, support for 21+ languages, and over 15,000+ supported formats.

Can ScanWriter read checks?

Yes, ScanWriter can read checks and even bills, invoices, contracts, and so on. Any kind of transaction on paper or digitally can be read and digitized by ScanWriter within seconds, saving businesses up to 90 percent in time and costs.

Does ScanWriter offer a free trial?

Yes, ScanWriter offers a 14-day free trial. However, it’s available only to professionals in government agencies. Not only that, new users will also get in touch with a solutions specialist to guide them through the whole starting process. If at any point you’ll be confused or lost in the 14 days, you can contact ScanWriters customer support team of experts over the phone, email, or live call.


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