DocuClipper Alternative: Why Scanwriter is the Top Choice

If you’re looking for a ‘DocuClipper Alternative,’ ScanWriter emerges as a premier choice for accountants and investigators. While DocuClipper is cloud-based and potentially susceptible to data breaches, ScanWriter offers enhanced security as a robust desktop application installed directly on your machine. 

Tailored to meet the precise needs of fraud investigators and accountants, ScanWriter not only offers quick and accurate data capture but also boasts an array of unique features such as an automatic audit trail, data visualization for asset tracing and case management – elements that DocuClipper might not provide.

In our head-to-head comparison of ‘DocuClipper vs. ScanWriter,’ the results speak volumes. ScanWriter shines as a superior fraud investigation tool, boasting speed, reliability, and unmatched features. For investigators and accountants, it’s clear: ScanWriter outpaces DocuClipper on every front.

Elevate your fraud investigation techniques by leaving behind tedious and repetitive data preparation. Dive deeper into meaningful analysis and let ScanWriter streamline the process for you. Experience the difference firsthand—try our free demo today!

Must-Know Benefits of ScanWriter

✅ 15,000+ Bank Formats: ScanWriter supports bank statements from financial institutions all over the world, including credit unions. If your bank format isn’t supported by ScanWriter, you can contact the customer support team and have it added in 24 to 48 hours.

✅ 100% Accuracy: ScanWriter proudly guarantees 100% accuracy for bank statements, bank and credit card transaction details, and more. It can even read hand-written checks. If the handwriting is difficult to decipher, there is an option to zoom in to correctly capture the details from checks.

DocuClipper Alternative: ScanWriter 100% accuracy

Enhanced Security: Data hosted locally often flies under the radar of hackers. With ScanWriter’s desktop application, you’re in the driver’s seat, fully controlling your security measures.